Yet Another Physical Therapy Practice Owner Confesses…

“I’m Embarrassed By My Website, I’ve Got No Systems, And I ‘Freeze’ Every time I Think About Creating Content For SOCIAL MEDIA…”

Enter PhysioFunnels.

‘Marketing Made Easy for Private Practice Owners’

PhysioFunnels (1.) Fixes Bad WEBSITES, (2.) Makes SOCIAL MEDIA Effortless, And (3.) Puts SYSTEMS into Your Practice to Make Marketing Easier (and you More Money).

*Please Note: Area Exclusivity Applies. If We’re Working With Another Practice In Your Town We Can’t Work With You. Sorry.

With PhysioFunnels
(Essentials Package) You Get:

  1. Brand New, High Impact Website – Your NEW Website will be built in less than 30 days, and comes with a STRONG Marketing MESSAGE and a COMPLELLING STORY that will attract the type of client you’re wanting more of (…Yes, we take care of all of the WRITING of it for you)
  2. Monthly Social Media Plan Written For You – we will write it all for you, send you the images so that you can EFFORTLESSLY grow your likes and followers online (…we will send it to you every 30 days, all you have to do is add your logo and press publish)
  3. Marketing Automation Systems – We will build the systems for you that will Increase Marketing ROI and Decrease Marketing Spend (everything in your practice is about to get a LOT MORE effective and you’re going to be way more profitable because of it)

“Just Getting Started and Looking To Grow Your Practice Without Spending More (and More) Money On Marketing?”

PhysioFunnels Is How You’ll Do It…

Without PhysioFunnels

  • Low performing website ignored by Google
  • Inconsistent / no social media
  • Slow / impossible growth
  • Marketing money wasted

With PhysioFunnels

  • High impact website, LOVED by Google
  • World class / consistent social media
  • AI Driven marketing systems
  • Marketing budget LOWERED and ROI Increased

(We’ll send this to your home or office in the next 24 hours)

Who Is PhysioFunnels For?

PhysioFunnels is for you if you are:
A PT, physio, sports physio, massage or other medical/pain/rehab practice owner trying to scale your practice and know that MARKETING is the key
Wanting to SPEND LESS on marketing (…or get more for what you’re already spending)
Just getting started in your practice and have little if any marketing budget…
Spending money on marketing, but frustrated with your marketing ROI
Frustrated with never knowing where all your leads are or how you even got them?
Using just 10% of something like KEAP or Active Campaign and wish that you had something designed specifically for you and your practice
Already paying for things like a website, a CRM (KEAP), Live Chat, SEO, a membership site and chat bots on your social media, and want to save money by combining all of those things into one payment
You’re tired of complicated, outdated, clunky software that doesn’t do what you want it to do!
If you can say YES to any or all of those things, then PhysioFunnels is FOR YOU.

Where In The World?

We work with Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Chiro, and all other Pain/Rehab Type Practices – Even Dentists.

What is more, we have PhysioFunnels Members In: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Spain… And even FRENCH Speaking Montreal in Canada.

Basically, wherever you are in the world, PhysioFunnels COULD be for you. Get in touch and find out how we can make this work for you – whereever you are.

“Area Exclusivity Applies”

Please Know, If We’re Working with Another Practice In Your Town or ZIP CODE, We Can’t Work With You. Sorry!

"Im Not Good with tech... BUT, with PhysioFunnels it doesn't matter..."

“I was asked to rate my PhysioFunnels experience and I gave it a 10. It’s been hands down the best customer service experience I’ve ever had and everything exceeded expectations.”

“The software is so easy to use and I can feel already the difference it is making to my business. Everything is so easy and simple. Still, the best thing I can say is about the staff involved. Drew, Lester and Amy were amazing and supported me through it all.”

Nicole Laird, Hays County PT & Wellness, Texas

Wondering What’s included?

Here’s what you get…

PhysioFunnels is…

Your New, High Impact Website

Let’s face it, most websites are DREADFUL. They’re an EMBARRASMENT and they’re a costly one at that. Not the owners fault of course – they’re mostly built by “designers” (the clue is in the name) and they do very little except cost a LOT of money. We will build you a new, high impact, high response website loved by Google that will be the ATTRACTION magnet at the centre of all your online marketing – one that you can be PROUD of.

With PhysioFunnels you will:
Get a HIGH PERORMING, high impact website for your clinic that Google will LOVE
Be positioned as an EXPERT with a brand new, authority website
Have a WEBSITE that is SEO friendly and able to rank much higher
Feel proud of your WEBSITE knowing that when people find your website it’ll make a GREAT first impression
Note: All of our Websites come with a 90 Day SEO REPORT that will tell you exactly how well your website is performing and what needs to happen to make it even better.

PhysioFunnels is…

Your Monthly Social Media

There’s no point in having a great website if no one knows it exists? Social media – especially Instagram and Facebook – is now the #1 marketing strategy to get new leads/patients onto your website. Every 30 days we will send you a package of content to publish and send. Even if you have a marketing assistant, this will ensure that you’re never stuck for ideas and she or he can be doing other things. It includes:
Pre-written social media campaigns including graphics (just add your logo and telephone number)
Plug and play, pre-written emails – we’ll deliver you a batch of emails to send that we know will get your patients to respond / re-activate
Google My Business – we’ll even send you pre-written posts that you can put on your Google profile to boost SEO
And so much more delivered in your content package EVERY 30 days…

PhysioFunnels is…

Automated Marketing Systems Built For You

What is the #1 reason practice owners struggle to grow and scale profitably? Simple: They LACK systems. Automated marketing systems are vital if you want REAL and SUSTAINED business growth. Best, with the right systems you’ll also reduce your marketing spend/cost.

With PhysioFunnels Automated Systems you will:
Follow up and communicate with patients automatically – putting more people on schedule
Get people to book appointments 24/7 and convert leads faster
Mean you will probably need less staff (…or the ones you have will become more efficient)
Increase your marketing ROI and DECREASE your marketing spend (VERY important if you’re a NEW business owner with little money coming in)

PhysioFunnels is…

In-Clinic Educational Workshops Made Easy

One of best strategies for increasing authority and elevating yourself ABOVE your competitors is to be positioned as the EXPERT who patients want to LEARN from. In-Clinic Educational Workshops allow you to do that. Done right, it’s not out of the ordinary to see 20+ new people at your clinic every month.

With PhysioFunnels, you will:
Allow you to automate the whole process of filling up your workshops
Give you the marketing tools (dashboard, landing pages, emails and funnels etc) to get maximum RESULTS
Make it easy to become the EXPERT in your town
Allow you to get 1-1 help and support from one of our very own “Workshop Engineers” who can even run the entire marketing of the seminar for you (*available at PhysioFunnels Level 2)

PhysioFunnels is…

Your New Communication Centre

PhysioFunnels is your ENTIRE front office function in one place. It makes your staff more productive and radically improves customer service. With PhysioFunnels, you also get a brand new AI driven software that allows you to communicate with all your new leads, prospects and patients from one easy to use platform.

With PhysioFunnels you will:
Improve customer service standards
Save TIME and become more efficient at the front desk (You will probably need LESS STAFF)
Have increased TEAM MORALE (…staff LOVE our platform)
Get Google reviews automated for you (Great for SEO)
Send and automate TEXT backs for any patient that calls and you miss (so they can book a call in your calendar at a time that suits)…

PhysioFunnels is…

Your New Membership Site (for Passive Income)

Every practice owner is looking to boost their income by selling their expertise ONLINE. The best way to make that happen is with a membership site. It’s where you put all of your videos, trainings and classes and people pay you to access.

With a membership site you can:
Finally grow an ADDITIONAL income stream at your private practice with a membership course or monthly subscription program
Upload training videos and content in minutes without spending money on outside video software or storage
Release new videos to patients as part of “Exclusive” memberships
Store staff training videos making it easier to onboard new staff
Create easy upsells to current and past patients as well as simple lead generation offers for new patients
Take payments online and set up monthly subscriptions (via ecommerce)
*Please Note: Area Exclusivity Applies. If We’re Working With Another Practice In Your Town We Can’t Work With You. Sorry.

“The WEBSITES actually WORK!"

“We have 8 therapists in our clinic so we’ve got to a certain level of success, but when we saw PhysioFunnels, I just thought “Oh my god, this is just what we need to get to the next level…The marketing systems are fantastic, the websites actually get found by patients looking on Google and the social media pack makes life easy for my team.”

Dave Mott, Physio Fitness, Bournemouth, UK

Founded By Paul Gough…

PhysioFunnels is founded by Paul Gough, a former professional soccer physical therapist and award winning business owner who shot to fame after winning the prestigious Infusionsoft Best In Class Award for Lead Nurture and Follow Up Systems. Paul built out a series of lead nurture funnels that he used to grow his own clinic, The Paul Gough Physio Rooms, a successful, 4 Location private practice in a country where health care is FREE (the UK) and was recognized ahead of 45,000 other uses of Infusionsoft / KEAP to win this prestigious award. Since then, his funnels have literally been successfully used by 1000+ physio’s around the world to grow their practice.

Paul is also a 5 x best-selling Author on the subject of Physical Therapy Private Practice growth and his new book “Extraordinary Achievement” has inspired many practice owners to get to the NEXT LEVEL of success in both business and life (Available on Amazon).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, simply request a 60 minute demo and we’ll give you a personal test drive and tell you how much it costs based upon the size and needs of your clinic

It all depends on the size of your clinic, the likely usage and how many users you want to have access to it (tip: It’s probably not as expensive as you think, and it’s definitely going to be LESS than $1000 per month!)

Nothing like it! Sure, it’s a “CRM”, but those things aren’t made with YOUR type of clinic in mind and nor do they offer ongoing support or updates to funnels and features relevant to your practice.

Sign up for PhysioFunnels then give them 60 days notice of cancelling. We will do the transfer of all your current contact/leads for you.
As long as you’re paying for it! We ask for a 12-month commitment, after that, cancel with 30 days notice.
You will likely have your own clinic URL (i.e, we will house your new website on that URL for you. If you want an authority site, we will buy and continue to own the “authority” site URL and we do that to protect the integrity of the program and service.
We aim for 60-90 days to have a website ready and you can start using PhysioFunnels within 2-3 weeks.

Yes! You get 3 sessions with our PhysioFunnels Wizard (you also get ongoing training with a member of Team PG in a group session)

"I am In Australia and wasn't sure if it would work for me - turns out I was WRONG."

“At first I thought it might not work for me because I’m in Sydney, Australia, and things are a lot different here with what we can say and do in our marketing… but the team more than made it WORK for me. I LOVE IT. It gets a 10/10 from me.”

Maria Ananakis, Activ Therapy, Gregory Hills, Sydney,