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"What Other Private Practice Owners Are Saying About PhysioFunnels and Their Experience of Working With The Team"

"Im Not Good with tech... BUT, with PhysioFunnels it doesn't matter..."

“I was asked to rate my PhysioFunnels experience and I gave it a 10. It’s been hands down the best customer service experience I’ve ever had and everything exceeded expectations.”

“The software is so easy to use and I can feel already the difference it is making to my business. Everything is so easy and simple. Still, the best thing I can say is about the staff involved. Drew, Lester and Amy were amazing and supported me through it all.”

Nicole Laird, Hays County PT & Wellness, Texas

"Someone asked to see the back pain EXPERT"

“Within a week of my new EXPERT site going live, someone walked into my clinic and asked for the BACK PAIN EXPERT of California.”

“I felt amazing”

Ida Hurst, Physical Therapy Specialties, Pleasanton, CA

"We never felt like we knew Infusionsoft / KEAP or ever got to grips with it"

“We love PhysioFunnels. It’s so easy to use. I manage the front desk and operational side of Todd’s clinic, and this has made life so much easier. We never felt that we knew what we were doing with Infusionsoft, but this we do.”

“We love how easy the sopcial media posting is and I can see how many calls the team have made each day but best of all, we feel like we finally know where our leads are and who to call. The difference that has made to staff morale is amazing.”

Tracey Lombardi, Houghton Physical Therapy, Boston, MA

"I save TIME and MONEY with PhysioFunnels"

“I was able to cancel about 10 different subscriptions. I loved Infusionsoft but I wasn’t using it as much as I would have liked. I had to buy other things to make it all work together.”

“With PhysioFunnels, it’s not just the money I save, it’s the TIME we save that my team were losing. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and to now have everything in the same place is a huge time save.”

David Friedland, Osteopathic Healing Hands, Houston, TX

"I was overwhelmed at first... but I just let Team PG do their thing and it all worked out in the end"

“At first I ws overwhelmed. I considered cancelling on multiple occasions, but the team – and particularly Amy – were there to help me at every step. I’m so glad I didn’t. I love my website and how easy the software is to use”

“If you are overwhelmed, don’t give up. Just let the team do their thing and it’ll all work out in the end.”

Julie Zapata, Higher Physio, New York