If you’re reading this and you are frustrated with your clinic website and social media, you’re right in thinking that there’s probably nothing more important to get right…​

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How Did you Get Interested In Physiofunnels?

PhysioFunnels (1.) Fixes Bad WEBSITES, (2.) Makes SOCIAL MEDIA Effortless, And (3.) Puts SYSTEMS into Your Practice to Make Marketing Easier (and you More Money).

With PhysioFunnels
(Essentials Package) You Get:

  1. Brand New, High Impact Website – Your NEW Website will be built in less than 30 days, and comes with a STRONG Marketing MESSAGE and a COMPELLING STORY that will attract the type of client you’re wanting more of (…Yes, we take care of all of the WRITING of it for you)
  2. Monthly Social Media Plan Written For You – we will write it all for you, send you the images so that you can EFFORTLESSLY grow your likes and followers online (…we will send it to you every 30 days, all you have to do is add your logo and press publish)
  3. Marketing Automation Systems – We will build the systems for you that will Increase Marketing ROI and Decrease Marketing Spend (everything in your practice is about to get a LOT MORE effective and you’re going to be way more profitable because of it)

“Just Getting Started and Looking To Grow Your Practice Without Spending More (and More) Money On Marketing?”

PhysioFunnels Is How You’ll Do It…

Who Is PhysioFunnels For?

PhysioFunnels is for you if you are:

* A PT, physio, sports physio, massage or other medical/pain/rehab practice owner trying to scale your practice and know that MARKETING is the key

* Wanting to SPEND LESS on marketing (…or get more for what you’re already spending)

* Just getting started in your practice and have little if any marketing budget…

* Spending money on marketing, but frustrated with your marketing ROI

* Frustrated with never knowing where all your leads are or how you even got them?

* Using just 10% of something like KEAP or Active Campaign and wish that you had something designed specifically for you and your practice

* Already paying for things like a website, a CRM (KEAP), Live Chat, SEO, a membership site and chat bots on your social media, and want to save money by combining all of those things into one payment

* You’re tired of complicated, outdated, clunky software that doesn’t do what you want it to do!

Here's Just Seven (Of The Many) Ways PhysioFunnels Is Going To Make You More Money:

  1. We’ll Find Your HOTTEST LEADS – we’ll tell you who to focus your time and effort on by showing you your best, most likely to buy prospects (AI generated)
  2. Increased MARKETING ROI – we’ll tell you what part of your marketing is working and which you should stop (AI generated)
  3. HEIGHTENED ACCOUNTABILITY Of Your Staff – you will be able to see what work your staff have done each day simply by logging into your APP
  4. Your CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS Will Go Through the Roof – with everything in one place (email, phone, text, live chat, social media etc) wherever and however anyone tries to communicate with you, it’s all in the same place
  5. It’ll make your staff WAY MORE PRODUCTIVE – everything they need is in one place (no more need for 10 different APPs and remembering all the passwords)
  6. You’ll get a high impact WEBSITE that will finally start generating patients for you
  7. You’ll get an exclusive CONTENT package of pre-written social media, emails and other content written for you…
And so much more…

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"What Other Private Practice Owners Are Saying About PhysioFunnels and Their Experience of Working With The Team"

"Im Not Good with tech... BUT, with PhysioFunnels it doesn't matter..."

“I was asked to rate my PhysioFunnels experience and I gave it a 10. It’s been hands down the best customer service experience I’ve ever had and everything exceeded expectations.”

“The software is so easy to use and I can feel already the difference it is making to my business. Everything is so easy and simple. Still, the best thing I can say is about the staff involved. Drew, Lester and Amy were amazing and supported me through it all.”

Nicole Laird, Hays County PT & Wellness, Texas  

"The Websites Actually WORK!"

“We have 8 therapists in our clinic so we’ve got to a certain level of success, but when we saw PhysioFunnels, I just thought “Oh my god, this is just what we need to get to the next level…

The marketing systems are fantastic, the websites actually get found by patients looking on Google and the social media pack makes life easy for my team.”

Dave Mott, Physio Fitness, Bournemouth, UK 

"I am In Australia and wasn't sure if it would work for me - turns out I was WRONG."

“At first I thought it might not work for me because I’m in Sydney, Australia, and things are a lot different here with what we can say and do in our marketing… but the team more than made it WORK for me. I LOVE IT. It gets a 10/10 from me.”

Dave Mott, Physio Fitness, Bournemouth, UK

"I save TIME and MONEY with PhysioFunnels"

“I was able to cancel about 10 different subscriptions. I loved Infusionsoft but I wasn’t using it as much as I would have liked. I had to buy other things to make it all work together.”

“With PhysioFunnels, it’s not just the money I save, it’s the TIME we save that my team were losing. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and to now have everything in the same place is a huge time save.”

David Friedland, Osteopathic Healing Hands, Houston, TX  

"I was overwhelmed at first... but I just let Team PG do their thing and it all worked out in the end"

“At first I was overwhelmed. I considered cancelling on multiple occasions, but the team – and particularly Amy – were there to help me at every step. I’m so glad I didn’t. I love my website and how easy the software is to use” “If you are overwhelmed, don’t give up. Just let the team do their thing and it’ll all work out in the end.”

Julie Zapata, Higher Physio, New York