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"My social media is REALLY AWFUL"

After my recent post about social media, when I asked readers to reply with a one-sentence summary of your social media, I got the following top three responses:


-“My social media is REALLY awful”

 -“My social media is NON-EXISTENT”

 -“My social media is inconsistent”


What I will say first is that I love the honesty…

I think the real issue for most people is that they WANT to be better on social…

…they want more people to like and follow, and eventually call their office because of social media…

And it can happen. But for most people, they’re just not consistent enough with it.

Are you?

I think that inconsistency happens because of a LACK OF TIME for planning the content needed for social media.

It’s not a quick thing… it DOES require a lot of work creating the themes, the graphics, the descriptions, and the hashtags to get it found…

See, how it should be done, is the MONTH before the month you need it…

If, for example, it’s April next week, then ALL of it – all 30 days – should be done somewhere around the middle of MARCH.

(We have it done by the 15th of the month before.)

It can then all be scheduled out with articles on the website linked to it, meaning new leads collected are in the marketing automation platform, they are followed up with, and eventually closed by the guy or girl in the office.

This is how it works…

Your website exists as the ULTIMATE attraction magnet… it tells people who you are and, crucially, what makes you DIFFERENT…

Your SOCIAL MEDIA sends people to that website… it gets them to think more about you, and become more interested in you (enough to visit your website to get information and maybe call)…

…then, when they do make the call, they need to be communicated with via a sequence of automated steps (a FUNNEL) that leads them to book an appointment with you.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Once they become a patient, the communication continues right throughout the treatment to ensure they see and understand the value…

And, even when they finish care, they STILL get communicated with to make sure they refer and come back regularly.

So, it’s NOT JUST your social media that you need…

It’s all THREE of these things:

  1. High Impact Website that positions you above your competitors…
  2. Consistent Social Media Plan implemented for you
  3. Marketing automation and communication platform that’s easy to use

These three are the ESSENTIAL’s of PT marketing success in 2024…

They’re also what make up the amazing PhysioFunnels program…

We’ve got all three of these covered for you in one program…

Plus, not to mention that as soon as you become a PhysioFunnels user, you’re also part of a huge global community of other users sharing best practices for clinic success.

If you’re happy to do it on your own…

…disregard this message.

If you like the idea of being in partnership with me and my team, and want a better website, social content done for you, and the best AI-driven automation platform, request more information on PhysioFunnels and then book a call with my team.

DO that here:

Please be quick, AREA EXCLUSIVITY now applies…

Once we start working with a clinic in your ZIP/POSTAL code we cannot work with you.

What are private practice owners and their teams saying about PhysioFunnels?

Watch the video below and find out!

Picture of Paul Gough

Paul Gough

Paul Gough, is a former professional soccer physical therapist and award-winning business owner who shot to fame after winning the prestigious Infusionsoft Best In Class Award for Lead Nurture and Follow-Up Systems. Paul built out a series of lead nurture funnels that he used to grow his own clinic, The Paul Gough Physio Rooms, a successful, 4-location private practice in a country where health care is FREE (the UK) and was recognized ahead of 45,000 other uses of Infusionsoft / KEAP to win this prestigious award. Since then, his funnels have literally been successfully used by 1000+ physios around the world to grow their practice.
Paul is also a 5 x best-selling Author on the subject of Physical Therapy Private Practice growth and his new book “Extraordinary Achievement” has inspired many practice owners to get to the NEXT LEVEL of success in both business and life (Available on Amazon).

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What Private Practice Owners Are Saying About PhysioFunnels

Nicole Laird,

Hays County PT & Wellness in San Marcos Texas

“I’m not good with tech…
BUT with PhysioFunnels it
doesn’t matter…”

Phil Evans

Urban Body,
Solihull UK

“With PhysioFunnels, everything is in one place, our team loves it, and it’s so much easier and faster”

Ida Hirst

Physical Therapy Specialties, Pleasanton CA

“Someone asked to see the back pain EXPERT”

Dave Mott

Physio Fitness, Bournemouth UK

“I can totally understand how PhysioFunnels is going to take my business to the next level.”

Tracey Lombardy

Houghton Physical Therapy, Boston MA

“We never felt like we knew Infusionsoft / KEAP or ever got to grips with it”

David Friedland

Osteopathic Healing Hands, Houston TX

“I save TIME and MONEY with PhysioFunnels”

Julie Zapata

Higher Physio,
New York USA

“I was overwhelmed at first… but I just let Team PG do their thing and it all worked out in the end”